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Brian Melo & Kevin Craig

Brian Melo was crowned Canadian Idol winner in season 5 and took his music dreams to the next level. Hamilton singer/songwriter Brian Melo became a household name and embarked on a personal journey to in some small way change the world through music. His desire was to be more than just your average rock star; Brian wanted to write music that would excite, entertain and inspire his newly loyal fans. He also wanted to remain true to himself. Behind the scenes, Brian is a humble community member and leader, as evidenced early on in this journey when he was awarded the Nelly Furtado Award as Outstanding Portuguese Canadian by COPA. Two and a half years ago, Kevin Crag was a hard working Canadian who was forced into doing manual labor in a Granite Shop to pay the bills. Kevin and his best friend Brian Melo, started to put together a motivation/inspirational concept they were extremely passionate about, and called it Mental Espresso “Caffeine for your mind”. They wanted to take this concept and use it to help others get in the mind set for the success that they had. Kevin Craig is now the sales strategist for an Automatic Door Company. Brian and Kevin launched Mental Espresso and officially became the “Mental Espresso Guys”, and recently added the Mental Espresso Mentorship Program under the mental Espresso umbrella. “The Energy creates the details”.