We Are Boundless

Elly Gotz

Elly was born in 1928, in the original capital of Lithuania in the midst of two world wars. Though Mr. Gotz’ family was not wealthy, but he nevertheless became well educated when reading in an in-house library. In 1941, Lithuania was in the path of the German army’s advance towards the Soviet Union. At the age of 13, Elly was confined with all Jews in the Konvo Ghetto – Concentration Camp. An unknown amount of prisoners endured three years of deprivation, hardship, and slave labor. By 1944, more than seventy percent of the people who entered the ghetto were killed or deported to Germany. While the majority of people died in the concentration camp of illness or starvation, Elly and his father survived in a mutual desperation for freedom. We were liberated by the American Army at the central camp, Dachau. He managed to fulfill a lifelong dream and graduated as an electrical engineer. In addition Elly realized his dream of becoming a pilot. Elly Gotz is now a regular survivor speaker at the Holocaust center of Toronto. He feels it is his duty to tell his story for all those who died in the Holocaust. Elly wants to tell the new generations the consequences when hatred and prejudice become government policy. Mr. Gotz’ want them to be vigilant, politically alert and active, and learn to recognize, in themselves and in society, the poison of prejudice.