We Are Passionate

Deepa Prashad

Interesting Facts: Colourful fashion is of utmost importance to Deepa. She owns jeans that amount to every colour of the rainbow. A serious animal lover, Deepa is intensely in love with alpacas. Deepa Prashad is an Outreach Speaker at Free The Children. As a recent graduate ofhigh school, she decided to take a gap year before heading off to university. She is confident that this is the right decision for her and she is excited to see what the future holds. She has been involved with Free The Children for the past six years through her enthusiastic involvement in campaigns and fundraising initiatives. In 2011, at the age of 15, Deepa spoke on stage at We Day Toronto. It was from that moment she knew her words would have the power to create change. Deepa’s passion for education led her to begin volunteering in her home country of Guyana. Whenever she goes to visit her grandparents, she dedicates some time to visit orphanages. During her first experience visiting these children, she was stunned to learn that most of them didn’t have access to education. However, instead of viewing them as just kids, she quickly began to view them as teachers because she knew that she could learn from them. They all taught her to value the education she readily has available at her fingertips, because she realizes not everyone is as fortunate. Deepa loves to hear about their dreams and aspirations because their stories are her motivation. In the future, Deepa hopes to pursue a career in broadcasting as a television personality. Although it’s a pretty sweet gig, the icing on the cake for her would be continuing to speak for Free The Children. She is confident her passion for this organization and their values will only continue to grow. Her ultimate goal is to conquer the world, but that might be really hard to cross off of her bucket list.