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Want to help support us? Here is a letter from our Food & Donations Committee President, Olivia Fayarchuk, that has everything you need to know!

Dear Sir or Madam:


I am writing to request your support for a donation to Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School’s 12th annual Business Leadership class.


This year’s Business Leadership class with be organizing and hosting the Spark Success Leadership Conference on May 8, 2015. Throughout the past eleven years, there have been notable and prestigious speakers with influential messages. Justin Trudeau, Clara Hughes, Craig Kielburger, Lights, and most recently the 2014 keynote speaker Alexandre Bilodeau are a few powerful speakers that have visited Notre Dame. With the encouragement of our teacher Mr. John Barbati, this year’s grade 12 Business Leadership class will have the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills.  Your donation will help to support the development of future business entrepreneurs.  Corporate donors will have exposure to students and all leadership conference attendees.


The Leadership Conference brings the Notre Dame community together to experience a day of motivation, dedication, and inspiration. Our conference runs entirely on donations, therefore the Donations and Food Committee would like to invite you to help us create a conference of excellence and brilliance. In order to provide food for the students and guests who will be attending the conference or other events held by the leadership class, food donations or cash donations would be greatly appreciated.


In regards to donation amounts, we have six different classifications: diamond, platinum, emerald, gold, silver, and bronze levels. Our most prestigious level is diamond, which is a corporate donation that exceeds $5,000, giving sponsors the most marketability at the conference.


The platinum level is for donations of $2,500 to $4,999. At this level, we offer our sponsors the ability to have a large banner at the conference, space on our website and brochure, and four tickets to the event. If desired, platinum donors are entitled to a personal display showcase at the conference, as well as company business cards or pamphlets to be given out at Notre Dame Business Leadership events.


The emerald donation classification of $1,000 to $2,499 entitles sponsors to have a large banner at the conference, space on our website and brochure, and three tickets to the event. If emerald donors wish, company business cards or pamphlets can be given out at Notre Dame Business Leadership events.


The gold level of classification is donations of $500 to $999. With this title you will have a large banner at the conference, space on the website and brochure, and two tickets to the event.


A donation of $250 to $499 is the silver level donor, which entitles a medium banner and recognition on the website. Lastly, with a donation under $250, the bronze level will give sponsors a small space on the banner and the website. Tax receipts will be issued for monetary donations of $25 or more, and for product/service donations valued at $100 or more.


Thank you for considering the opportunity to donate to a prestigious Conference, which will change the lives of many young people. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Donations and Food Committee at or (905) 802-6371. If you would like to contact our organizing teacher Mr. Barbati, you can email


Thank you very much for your time and consideration, it is greatly appreciated.


Olivia Fayarchuk

Donations and Food Committee President

Notre Dame Leadership Conference 2015


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