Spark Ambition

Session Speakers:

Get to know your two Spark Ambition Guest Speakers
Cabral Richards 


Cabbie Richards is best known for his weekly segment Cabbie Presents on TSN's SportsCentre, as well as his distinct personality throughout broadcasts and interviews. He has been the host for three popular shows: Cabbie on the Street, Cabbie Unlimited and Cabbie All-Stars. During his career, he has gotten the opportunity to interview high-profile athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tony Hawk and Alexander Ovechkin. When Cabbie talks about his work, he has said, “At the end of the day, I think that people really just want to see fun stuff… when people watch my stuff, they definitely turn their brains off.”


Tamara Lopez


Tamara, also known as the “one woman show” is an entertainer who has performed and co-hosted the annual Milton talent contest 2012-2013. She is excited to have been invited back to ND’s Annual Leadership Conference for the third year to show that “the only thing that limits you is yourself”.