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Get to know your two Spark Courage Guest Speakers
Max Eisen


Max Eisen is a courageous Holocaust survivor who lives in Toronto. Eisen and his family were victims of the horrible tragedies in Czechoslovakia during the late 1930’s. Fortunately, after years of struggle, Eisen was able to overcome his misfortune due to his perseverance and faith. Today, he shares his story and provides inspiring messages of overpowering adversity. 


Jessica Wilson


Jessica Wilson is a 25 year old marketing professional from Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from Cornell University in 2012, majoring in Government. Before attending Cornell, Jessica was a nationally ranked long jumper and sprinter and placed 5th at the 2008 Canadian Olympic Trials for long jump. Jessica is deeply passionate about international human rights, specifically global gender equality. Her aspirations are closely aligned with Plan Canada’s vision of a world in which all children can realize their full potential. Jessica has learned a great deal about international development while working for Plan and hopes to apply this knowledge when she attends Vanderbilt Law School this fall.